Home decor - large-scale style

The villas, especially the most modern ones, are wonderful with their spacious, connected, elevated and bright spaces. But the features that we like so much are also responsible for considerable decoration challenges! The huge walls, the union of spaces with functions as different as cooking and relaxing and the ceilings so high (due to the double height) make it difficult to create more welcoming environments and ask questions about the best way to enjoy and beautify them. Even houses without double ceilings end up having more generous dimensions than apartments, making it equally challenging. But these setbacks are nothing for a good decorating and interior design cabinet, like Alpha Details.

Professional decorators have the means, knowledge and experience to be more successful than anyone who tries a project of this dimension on their own, and should always be consulted. How wonderful it is to enter an entrance hall or an open space with a double height… We at homify are passionate about these areas of light and air, which give the feeling of freedom unique to today's homes! But, as much as we like this detail, we know that it causes some setbacks, namely with regard to artificial lighting, which should be studied and placed strategically and with class, to give style and provide the necessary clarity in such a large area.

In this Alpha Details project, which took care of the total decoration of a villa in Albufeira, the professionals chose to place a large suspended lamp, which hangs from the ceiling on the first floor to where the ceiling on the ground floor would be. In addition to this element, which provides intense lighting and a strong modern image, spotlights in the areas of lower ceiling are added for indirect lighting. This solution provides a bold look and is very modern.

We were surrendered and already figured out ways to replicate it at home! In the wide and connected spaces, which add different functionalities, there is always the need to create some separations, if not physical, at least visual. A hollow bookcase, built to the dimensions of the plan, proves to be a perfect solution, as we see in this project, where the living room is separated from the dining room using this strategy.

The passable area in an open space naturally presents more generous dimensions in a villa of this type, but you should not overdo the occupation of the space, otherwise this amplitude will fade into confusion. Positioning sofas, armchairs, side tables and other decorative elements correctly is essential to obtain a good balance between space and comfort, and design and decoration professionals are experts in planning this layout.

Another aspect to take into account is the dimensions ... A small sofa or few furniture will leave a feeling of desolation that you will want to avoid.

Even in different areas, such as the kitchen and the living room, it is essential to obtain a coherent image that combines all the features in a single image. Here the solution was to introduce identical wood details in all functional areas. The fast food counter in the kitchen, the niche bookcase in the living room, and the hollow bookcase, which we mentioned earlier, are the elements responsible for doing this function in this space.

In this other project by the same company, we see the solution to another challenge that home decorating can pose - the decoration of large wall surfaces.

What to do with a very large wall?

Leave empty? Be sad!

Put only large frames with frames? It doesn't look very modern.

Put too many small frames? It looks like the wall is splattered because of its size ...

Covering the entire wall with interesting material that adds style to the environment is an excellent idea! Wallpaper, wood or stone are winning suggestions. In this work, the professionals covered the entire wall behind the television with sumptuous marble and it was wonderful!

Like wall decorations, support furniture must also have adequate dimensions and a unified aesthetic, to obtain the best image. And in this case only a custom job can provide the main result!

Kids rooms with custom design

We all know that children grow up quickly and that their tastes change at the speed of that growth, so it is somehow a little casual in the decor of their rooms. Sometimes there is no capital to invest in thematic rooms and full of details of the taste of the moment, if soon the little one will want something else. Cartoons, a permanent source of inspiration for children's decoration, are probably the main culprits of this situation, providing imagery for quick changes of ideas. But is it not possible to create a basic configuration for the room, which structures the space in style and leaves space for constant personalization?

The answer is yes! We have several examples of this premise and today we want to present two more excellent projects by the Alpha Details office that we found very inspiring. Come see the photos and start taking notes to give your little ones the perfect room for them!

Pastel inspirations for a soft atmosphere in your home

Today we talk about "pastel", but this is not cream! We are talking about those light and faint colors, like the ones you get when using pastel pencils, where the colors got their name from.

Pastel colors are often associated with baby and young children's rooms, and this is not accidental. These pale colors, with low visual impact, are often described as soothing, and there is nothing parents want more than to create a relaxing atmosphere to encourage their little ones to sleep. But these colors have immense potential in the decoration of any space and it is very easy to use them to obtain serene environments without them being childish.

Knowing this, Alpha Details has prepared a small list of inspiring images, with pastel colors that compose delicious and very sophisticated spaces. If you like these tones but have some difficulty imagining them in your living room or even in your kitchen, you can't miss today's article!

As a good business card, it is in the lobby that the guiding line of the style is established

of your home and if the option is to follow a path of delicacy and serenity, nothing better than starting here using pastel colors.

We chose this image of a lobby because it perfectly illustrates the concept we want to convey. The light blue wall, soft and refreshing, is the perfect base to create a modern, cozy and bright lobby, where the Scandinavian and industrial styles merge. Each element plays a direct role, without subterfuge or visual overload and the aesthetics obtained are timeless. Childish? Not by shadows!