Pastel inspirations for a soft atmosphere in your home

Today we talk about "pastel", but this is not cream! We are talking about those light and faint colors, like the ones you get when using pastel pencils, where the colors got their name from.

Pastel colors are often associated with baby and young children's rooms, and this is not accidental. These pale colors, with low visual impact, are often described as soothing, and there is nothing parents want more than to create a relaxing atmosphere to encourage their little ones to sleep. But these colors have immense potential in the decoration of any space and it is very easy to use them to obtain serene environments without them being childish.

Knowing this, Alpha Details has prepared a small list of inspiring images, with pastel colors that compose delicious and very sophisticated spaces. If you like these tones but have some difficulty imagining them in your living room or even in your kitchen, you can't miss today's article!

As a good business card, it is in the lobby that the guiding line of the style is established

of your home and if the option is to follow a path of delicacy and serenity, nothing better than starting here using pastel colors.

We chose this image of a lobby because it perfectly illustrates the concept we want to convey. The light blue wall, soft and refreshing, is the perfect base to create a modern, cozy and bright lobby, where the Scandinavian and industrial styles merge. Each element plays a direct role, without subterfuge or visual overload and the aesthetics obtained are timeless. Childish? Not by shadows!