Alpha details - Consulting, architecture and design

Who we are

Alpha Details arises from the ambition of a young, cohesive and dynamic team, with over 15 years of dedicated and specialised experience in the areas of Architecture and
Design, which aims to launch on the market a new concept in the design and projection of spaces.
This company with its head office in Paços de Ferreira, Capital of Furniture, incorporates various persons supported by strategic management, whose objective is to create spaces with design, comfort and identity, defining projects both for interiors and exteriors, private or public, seeking to integrate the very best produced in Portugal in the Decorative Arts (furniture, textiles, ceramics, glass, metals,…).

As projecting a space is to give it the form that we like, we create solutions with a meaning and adapted to the daily routines and lifestyles of each client. Therefore, we develop different environments, from gardens to integrated plans for hotels, integrating Interior and Exterior Design, articulating them with the desired trends of decoration, using 3D Projects and exploring colours, shapes and materials, for the sole purpose of creating harmonious and cosy atmospheres.

Our corporate philosophy is to be referenced for the excellence, distinction, personalisation, quality, comfort and functionality of the space, meeting the social and cultural needs of our clients, aspiring for internationalisation.

We create spaces with design, comfort and identity, , defining projects of excellence and quality.

Indoor, outdoor, private or public spaces, seeking to integrate the best of what is produced in Portugal within the framework of Decorative Arts.

Our partners